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Upgrade Your Vending!

By adding the Bake Xpress hot food vending kiosk to your product line, you bring the vending industry's top technology to your customers. Bake Xpress is one of a kind: it is the only hot food kiosk that actually bakes a full menu of meals, pastries, and hearty snacks. 


By combining convection, infrared, and microwave technologies in its smart oven, Bake Xpress does what microwave alone can't do: deliver restaurant-quality foods with crispy crusts, flaky pastry, bubbly cheese, and perfectly browned exteriors. 

You can add any foods you like: use foods from our menu that are already being sold in Bake Xpress, or choose items from your existing suppliers or other partners of your choosing. The possibilities are endless!

With installation as simple as a single electrical drop, you will be offering fresh, hot meals to your customers asap! And you keep 95% of the profits. Contact us today to learn more!


Bake Xpress hot food vending kiosk


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What can Bake Xpress do for you?
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Bake Xpress Overview
View PDF
A high-level summary of the machine and its operation

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Customizing Bake Xpress View PDF
A description of how you can use your own graphics and branding

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Operating Bake Xpress View PDF
An overview of how to manage and stock Bake Xpress

Bake Xpress Menu | View online
See what's currently baking, and other options from our suppliers

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