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Bake Xpress Packaging

Because Bake Xpress customers are able to set custom menus using foods from their own kitchens or a variety of other sources, LBX recommends specific packaging to insure proper baking in Bake Xpress. We have partnered with a leading packaging supplier to provide a turnkey solution with preferred pricing for Bake Xpress verified packaging.


​In one easy stop through your LBX customer portal (MyLBX) you can order plain Bake Xpress boxes, custom boxes, and susceptors that have been designed for and fully tested in Bake Xpress. You are free to use your own packaging supplier as well; we can provide templates and specs for you to use. 

Please contact us with any questions. Let's get baking!

Existing LBX Customers
More Information

Standard Packaging

Standard LBX packaging is available for immediate shipment. Place your order directly on the LBX website to enjoy preferred pricing and shipment to your facility within 10 days.

Standard LBX Box

Standard LBX Boxes

Designed for use in Bake Xpress and available in multiple sizes.



Optional inserts that pair with the standard LBX boxes if desired for extra crispiness.

Custom Branding

You can easily customize your Bake Xpress boxes using our design templates and designers. Custom print and color matching is available even in single-pallet quantities.

Sample 2-color custom box
Sample 4-color sample box
Pizza in red box
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