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Bake Xpress Unlimited Menu

The combination smart oven inside Bake Xpress makes it possible for you to serve any foods you like. LBX does not provide the food directly, but we make it easy to build your menu. You can review our online menu to choose from foods that are already baking in Bake Xpress or add your own. The possibilities are unlimited!

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Where to get food for Bake Xpress

Use nationwide distributors

We can connect our customers with the industry's leading food suppliers and distributors. Our menu lists most items currently baking in Bake Xpress. These foods are all ready to go, and can be added to your Bake Xpress straightaway. 

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Use your own supplier

Don't see what you want, or already have your own supplier or commissary? No problem! We'll help you set the heating technology and times so that your products are perfectly baked every time. 

Bake your own products

Bakeries or restaurants who want to add locations or extend hours can bake their own foods and customize Bake Xpress machines with our White Labeling option.

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