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Customizing Bake Xpress

Your brand
Your menu
Our technology

It is easy to make Bake Xpress your own. Use your branding on the machine exterior and packaging, customize the on-screen displays, and sell your own foods. ​​

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Bake Xpress pizza vending machine customized for Boss Cafe

Promote Your Brand

We'll provide specs and templates or design a custom machine wrap and packaging for you that use your logos & graphics. You're free to put your own content on the video screen as well, and this can be changed as often as you like in the Bake Xpress software.

Most importantly, the menu choices and food suppliers are up to you. You set your own menu and use your suppliers or your own kitchen, and you can change foods at any time. Read more about getting food for Bake Xpress.


Bake Your Foods

The combination smart oven inside Bake Xpress is uniquely suited to custom bake a wide variety of pizzas, pastries, and more on demand. You can choose to sell your own foods or select items from distributors, and you can add items to your menu at any time.

Use Our Technology

Large refrigerated storage capacity, integrated combination smart oven, and innovative sensors and robotics. The ground-breaking LBX technology in Bake Xpress ensures that your products are perfectly baked on-demand, 24/7.

Bake Xpress has a combination smart oven that uses convection +infrared + microwave to bake a full menu of foods.

The microwave + infrared + convection smart oven bakes your products to perfection 

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