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Owning Bake Xpress

What kind of sales can you expect from a Bake Xpress?

This calculator is a simplified look at the kind of return you can expect. We've pre-populated the fields with some starter numbers, and noted averages in the information bubbles (hover over the gray 'i'). 

Blue Bake Xpress hot food vending kiosk

Interested in a more detailed analysis?
Download our interactive ROI Estimator!

Every machine is different. If your location is high traffic 24/7, your numbers will be higher. And, of course, the cost and sales prices are up to you, so you can maximize your profit margins.


Combine a convenient location and a great pricing model with a menu of delicious foods that's tailored to your customer's preferences and you will enjoy rapid growth of your bottom line.


Contact us today to learn how easy it is to get started. With easy plug-and-play installation and an existing menu of foods to choose from, you can be serving fresh, hot baked goods within weeks!

Sales Calculator

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