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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kind of food can I serve using this machine ?
    In short, anything you want! Serve baked goods like pastries to full meals such as pizza, pasta, or gourmet sandwiches, and even offer chilled foods like salads. The menu options are basically unlimited, and your menu can be easily changed at any time. Bake Xpress' smart oven combines convection and microwave for even heating with infrared to add finishing touches like crispy crust, flaky pastry, and nicely browned tops. Because Bake Xpress actually bakes your foods rather than just microwaving it, you can offer a virtually unlimited menu and deliver restaurant-quality results 24/7. Visit our menu page for more information.
  • Where can I buy food to serve in Bake Xpress?
    LBX does not supply the food, but we have established food suppliers nationwide that we will connect you with. You can choose standard menu options from these suppliers (See the Menu page for more information). You also can use your own supplier if you prefer, or a local commissary. You also can add products from a local bakery or cafe. In these cases, we will help you set the oven technology and times once for each item. The smart oven inside Bake Xpress combines microwave, convection, and infrared heating capabilities. You can set the combination of technologies and times to create the results you want, and because Bake Xpress actually bakes the foods rather than just microwaving them, you can count on restaurant-quality results. Restaurants and bakeries can also add locations or extend hours by using a Bake Xpress to serve their own products using this same process, and can put their own graphics and branding on the machine's exterior. See the white labeling page for more information on customizing the machine.
  • What is the lead time to get the machine?
    Lead time varies depending on the inventory in our warehouse and on varying shipping lead times. Typical delivery time is two weeks. Please note that volume orders can experience lead times of 16-20 weeks. Menu customization can be done in real time and does not add to the schedule. If you choose to customize the machine with your own branding on the exterior graphics prior to delivery, delivery will take an additional two weeks. Please see our white labeling page for more information on this option.
  • Can the machine be customized?
    Yes, our customers can choose to customize the machine with their own graphics and branding. We can assist with providing art template files or completing the design and application of your graphics prior to delivery. The video screens also can be customized to display videos, images, ads, etc. Please have a look at our white labeling page for more information
  • Where are you based?
    Our corporate headquarters, showroom, and warehouse are in Sunnyvale, CA.
  • Do you have a software to track sales?
    Yes. Bake Xpress machines use cloud-based software that allows you to remotely monitor real-time machine function and inventory in addition to generating a wide range of sales tracking reports.
  • Do you provide the boxes and labels?
    We do not sell the boxes but we can connect you with box suppliers or help you with specs for using your own supplier, such as sizes and heat tolerances. The LBX software will generate the bar codes for each item, and you are free to use your own standard label printer and supplies.
  • How is the food delivered, stored, and boxed?
    If you use our established suppliers, the food is delivered frozen for long term storage. If you are using your own supplier or a local bakery, food may be delivered fresh. Food must be thawed when it is loaded into the Bake Xpress refrigerated section. The boxes are delivered flat and must be folded into the delivery box shape, and the box lid will be folded under the box when the food is loaded onto the carousel shelves in the refrigerated section. Once the box is assembled, place the unwrapped food inside, fold and lock the lid underneath, and affix the associated bar code label to the outside. The customer can eat directly from the box, or close the lid like a traditional pizza box for easy transport. You can use oven safe bakery paper or susceptors as desired.
  • What is the barcode for and how does it work?
    The barcode that you affix to the exterior of the food's box communicates the food identification code and expiration date to the machine. From the ID code, the machine can access all stored relevant info about the product, such as the product name, price, nutrition info, and photo for the on-screen menu and the custom baking profile that will be communicated to the oven at time of order. It uses the expiration date to monitor freshness, and will automatically remove the item from the menu if it goes past date. When you load the machine, simply press the scan button and close the door. Bake Xpress will scan all of the boxes you loaded, populate the on-screen menu, and source the remote monitoring software. When an item is ordered, Bake Xpress will select the proper item and deliver it to the oven.
  • How many individual food items can I store in Bake Xpress? Can I put more than one item in a box?
    The current version of Bake Xpress is set up to hold 68 individual boxes. You can put as many items as you want in each box, but the box will be delivered as a single order.
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