Frequently asked questions

What kind of food can I serve using this machine ?

You can use a variety of food. Our clients use the machine to serve Pizza, Croissant, Calzone and even different Pasta dishes

Where can I buy food to use?

Le Bread Xpress can suggest a couple of food suppliers our clients work with. Bakeries serve their own products, other clients get product from renown catering companies.

What is the lead time to get the machine?

Lead time varies from a week to 3 months max. It depends whether we have stock or waiting for new machines to be built. Also depends if the client wants to customize the machine.

Is the machine white label?

Yes, the machine can be wrapped to fit our clients' brand.

Where are you based?

We are currently based in the Bay Area, California.

Do you have a software to track sales?

Yes, we currently have a custom VMS that provides real time status of the machine, inventory and sales tracking, commodity management, as well as different reporting tools.

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