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Crispy bread smothered in a flavorful blend of garlic and melted cheese, creating a savory and satisfying snack or side dish.

OR Garlic Cheese Bread

  • Orion Foods

  • OLM Foods Reference Number: 667399

    DOT Foods Reference Number: 87411

Bake Xpress boxes are made of food-grade FDA-approved corrugated cardboard and feature a convenient tab-locking lid that allows for easy transport. Minimally printed, they can be enhanced with oven-safe labels that carry your branding.

Ordering Information

Standard LBX Boxes are available in shrinkwrapped multiples of 50 boxes or as full pallets of 2600.

Shipping Information

You can use our shipping for turnkey convenience or schedule pickup from our warehouse using your own carrier. You will be prompted to choose delivery options during the checkout process

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