Meet Bake Xpress

The world’s only multi-product micro-bakery, providing fresh pastries and meals 24/7

Bake Xpress micro bakeries leverage the proven technology of Le Bread Xpress machines to provide a selection of fresh baked goods. With choices ranging from  pastries like croissants to meals such as pizza, quiche, or gourmet sandwiches, Bake Xpress offers a welcome alternative to traditional vending machines.

Fresh baked goods, 24/7!

Bake Xpress micro bakeries store up to 70 individual items in the refrigeration units. Customers place their orders on the integrated touchscreen, where they also can customize baking level. Payment is via cash, credit card, or touchless payment. The Bake Xpress robotic bakery selects the item from the inventory and calibrates the internal infrared and microwave ovens to the custom baking profile provided on each item’s barcode label. After baking, the item is boxed and delivered to the customer, hot, fresh, and ready to enjoy.

Meet Bake Xpress

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