"We looked for the perfect French baked products that I didn't find in the Bay area.  I then discovered a French baker who has built a micro-bakery to deliver freshly baked baguettes, Pizzas, croissants from the oven On-Demand 24/7.  

I have decided to bring it in the US" says Benoit Herve, CEO and Founder.

Successfully tested in France since 2 years the concept is blooming in San Francisco. Le Bread Xpress has opened  itsthe 1st location at Stonestown Galleria in San Francisco.

The second phase of the development of the company is even more exciting. We developed our own multi products micro-bakery, for pizza, croissant, quiche. We have already installed 5 Bake Xpress in a large corporation and plan expansion in universities, hospitals, transportation hubs.

Baguette Machine 


@ Stonestown Galleria

3251 20th Avenue

San Francisco CA

In your neighborhood?



+1 650 996 4003