The world’s first robotic multi-product micro-bakeries

Le Bread Xpress

Le Bread Xpress machines combine existing vending technology with refrigeration and flash baking capabilities. We partnered with local artisan French bakery Petits Pains as well as food storage and production experts to develop a baguette that could be partially baked, stored in the Le Bread Xpress refrigeration unit, and then fully baked on demand. The result: a fresh baguette, hot from the oven at any time day or night.

Le Bread Xpress caught on quickly. Who wouldn’t want piping hot freshly-baked bread on demand?

Bake Xpress

The expanded Bake Xpress menu includes pastries as well as meal offerings like pizza, quiche, and a selection of hot sandwiches. The vending unit itself is upgraded to hold up to 80 individual food items and includes a large interactive touchscreen display that can be used for point-of-sale advertising as well as easy ordering.

Bake Xpress machines are now being deployed throughout the Bay Area through both individual and corporate contracts. Please contact our sales team to learn how you can have a Bake Xpress micro-bakery installed at your business.