Le Bread Xpress

Hot, fresh, authentic French baguette on demand

Le Bread Xpress micro-bakeries are a revolutionary vending solution that offers fresh-baked French bread on demand. Warm, fresh, crusty baguette is welcome upgrade to the dry junk food we are accustomed to from traditional vending machines. 

Fresh bread, from a real bakery!

Le Bread Xpress baguette machines integrate refrigeration and quick bake capabilities in a compact unit the size of a traditional vending machine. Le Bread Xpress partnered with San Francisco bakery Petite Pans to use their traditional French bread recipe. Our partners in the food storage and delivery industry helped adapt the recipe so that we could prepare fresh dough and partially bake individual sized-loaves at the traditional bakery before loading them into the Le Bread Xpress refrigeration unit.

Customers place and pay for their order on the integrated screen. Upon order, the loaves are baked the rest of the way, and the customer receives a freshly-baked baguette in 90 seconds.

The Le Bread Xpress baguettes are as hot, crusty, and fresh as if they had just come out of the oven at your favorite bakery. However, unlike a traditional bakery, our loaves are available around the clock!

See Le Bread Xpress in action

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