Invest in Le Bread Xpress

Invest in the future of fresh food technology!

In our 24/7 world, automated technology is taking the lead. Join us as we revolutionize food services with the innovative Bake Xpress multi-product micro bakeries.

Why Invest in Le Bread Xpress?

  1. Unlimited Opportunity
    Le Bread Xpress and Bake Xpress micro-bakeries are ideal solutions for anywhere people desire a hot, fresh meal when a traditional staffed cafe is not available: hotels, hospitals, universities, retail centers, military bases, office buildings, residential complexes…the possibilities are endless. 
  2. Proven Technology
    Bake Xpress leverages the success of Le Bread Xpress, a verified system with proven robotic storage, baking, and vending technology, that has been deployed for six years.
  3. Proprietary Recipes & Technology
    Bake Xpress combines proven vending technology with proprietary technology that allows us to install the robust Bake Xpress machines in the standard footprint and power connections of traditional vending machines. With recipes curated by renowned chefs and prepared in actual bakeries, Bake Xpress delivers food of unprecedented quality.
  4. Growth Roadmap Already Underway
    Bake Xpress has already deployed multiple units in the Bay Area and overseas. Additionally, we are engaged with a nationwide-wide food services company to install equipment in offices nationwide starting in Q4-20.
  5. Delicious baked goods!
    Invest with us, and in addition to solid financials, you will get an insider’s connection to delectable pastries and treats. Who wouldn’t want that?

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