Get a Micro Bakery

Develop your own Bake Xpress micro bakery route or acquire machines for your retail or business complex

Bake Xpress is the perfect solution for our 24/7 lifestyle where a hot, fresh meal makes all the difference. Ditch your old vending machines full of chips and stale cookies and provide delicious baked goods instead. Universities, office complexes, hospitals, hotels, retail facilities, and more can utilize a Bake Xpress micro-bakery in the same footprint and using the same standard electrical connections as a traditional vending machine.

Whether you want to upgrade your existing vending machine product offering with micro bakeries or establish a new business, the sales team at Le Bread Xpress can establish the right setup for you. For more information, please submit the form below or contact our sales team directly at 650.996.4003 or

(ex: corporation, hotel, hospital, university, etc.)